Alloy Steel Conduction Pipes

The steel alloy drive tubes are tubes which serve to carry conveying fluids such as water, oil and steam. They can be used in conduction lines with cold rigid or flexible connections.

Its main advantages are: agility, ease and versatility in installation and maintenance, they can be painted, according to norms that regulate the application of colors in the identification of pipes for channeling fluids, gases or electrical conductors.

Alloy steel conduction tubes contain, in addition to the bonds between iron and carbon, other elements in significant proportions that can alter the chemical or mechanical properties of the material.

They are manufactured for specific situations, because with the addition and dosage of other metals it is possible to obtain steel tubes of greater hardness, ductility, tenacity, weldability or even steel tubes more resistant to extreme temperatures, pressure, corrosion, rupture and traction.

Applications of Alloy Steel Conduction Pipes

The steel alloy drive tubes are tubes widely used in power generation and petrochemical industries, its tensile strength limit and corrosion resistance. They are indicated for applications that present extremely high temperatures, for example in industrial devices, heat exchangers, boilers, among others.

They can also be used in metal structures, agricultural machinery and sectors of the shipbuilding, maintenance, civil construction and furniture industries.

It is worth noting that the product must be manufactured and installed in accordance with technical standards in force in the country, in order to provide the safety of the environment and the effectiveness of its use.

Product Specifications

ProductsSize Range
Seamless stainless steel tubesOD: φ6-φ830mm
WT: 0.5-45mm
U-tubeOD: φ12-φ38mm
WT: 0,5-4mm

Main Manufacturing Facilities

ItemUnityTechnical Data
Stripping lines3Φ50-200mm
Drilling lines6φ 50-240mm
Cold drawing lines40φ6-830mm
Cold rolling lines21φ16-325mm
Straightening the machine6Φ14-426mm
Annealing furnace6Natural Gas
Stripping pool22

Main Steel Type and Typical Class

Steel typesTypical steel codes (AISI)
AusteniticTP304, TP304L, TP304H, TP316, TP316H, TP316Ti, TP316L, TP321,
TP317L, TP316LMo≥2,5; etc />/>
Duplex / Super duplexS31803; S32205; S31500; S32750

Main Production Standards

Standard typesStandard (AISI)
PTEN10216-5; EN10216-2
DINDIN 17456; DIN 17458
ASTMASTM A312, A213, A269, A511, A789, A790; B163, B423, B407, B668
ASME SA213, SA312, SA789, SA790; SB163, SB423, SB407, SB668
JISJIS G3459; G3463
GOSTGOST 9941; GOST 5632
GBGB / T14975; GB / T14976; GB13296; GB5310; GB9948

Alloy Steel Conduction Pipe Specifications

Alloy Steel Conduction Pipes are manufactured according to the standards: ASTM A335 and ASTM A213. Tubes manufactured to ASTM A335 are designed to meet the needs of high temperature services.

There are seamless, seamless alloy steel tubes and pinned, finned or “U” alloy steel tubes. See below the rules and degrees of each

Alloy Steel Seamed Tube:

  • ASTM A691 (grades P5, P9, P11, P22 and P91).

Seamless Alloy Steel Tube:

Alloy Steel Conduction Pipe Manufacturing Process

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