ASTM A333 Alloy Steel Tube

The driving Alloy Steel Tubes ASTM A333, are tubes intended for low temperature service, they may be marketed seamless or welded and without metal addition in the welding operation. They have various grades of carbon steel and alloy steel included: Grade 1, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10 and Grade 11.

Pipes with grades: ASTM A333 GR 1, ASTM A333 GR 6 and ASTM A333 GR 8, must be subjected to non-destructive electrical test or hydrostatic test. The type of test to be used is at the discretion of the manufacturer, unless otherwise specified in the purchase order.

The hydrostatic test must comply with Specification A 999 / A 999M.

Alloy Steel Tube ASTM A333 grade 3 is a seamless, welded covered carbon steel tube standard for low temperatures. ASTM A333 grade 3 alloy tubes must be manufactured using seamless or welded processes.

The ASTM A333 GR 6 (Grade 6), has proven impact resistance at -45 ℃, and is commonly used in applications where the pipeline is directly exposed to cold environments during construction and / or in operation and is also commonly used for compressed gas pressure piping, where a crack is expected to have catastrophic consequences.

The ASTM A333 Grade 10 Alloy Steel Tube , is the part of the standard seamless wall caps and welded alloy steel tube, must be treated to control its microstructure. Tensile tests, impact tests, hydrostatic tests and non-destructive electrical tests must be done according to the specified requirements.

Seamless and welded steel pipe size for low temperature service:

  • External dimensions: 1/4 "Up to 42" or 1066.80mm
  • Wall thickness: SCH10 to SCH160, XXS
  • Length: max. 16000mm.

ASTM A333 Alloy Steel Tube Marking

The marking for ASTM A333 Alloy Steel Tubes must include whether hot finished, cold drawn, seamless or welded, the schedule number and the letters "LT" followed by the temperature at which the impact tests were performed, except when a lower test temperature is required because of the reduced sample size, in this case, the higher impact test temperature applicable to a full size sample must be marked.

When the size of the finished tube is insufficient to obtain smaller impact samples, the marking must not include the letters "LT" followed by an indicated test temperature, unless Supplementary Requirement S1 is specified.

When the tube is supplied in a tempered and tempered condition, the marking must include the letters “QT” and the condition of the heat treatment must be reported to the buyer or his representative.

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A333 Alloy Steel Tube

DegreeTensile strength (Mpa)Yield point (MPa)Elongation (%) yx
ASTM A333 Grade 10≥550≥450≥22-

Chemical Composition of Conduction Tubes in Grade 10 Alloy Steel (%)

Carbon (max)O,2
Phosphorus (max)0,03
Sulfur (max)0,015
Chrome ≤0,15
Nickel ≤0,25
Copper ≤0,15
Molybdenum ≤0,50
Vanadium ≤0,12
Aluminum ≤0,06

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