Grooved Grooved Connections

Grooved Connections are for fire lines made of black malleable iron, meet NBR 6590 and ISO 5922 standards, have international EACC ISO 14001, FM-Aprovals and UL qualifications. - Underwrites Labs.

The great advantage of these Grooved Fittings over threaded fittings is the lower cost and time savings and labor savings in assembling and maintaining the hydraulic systems of any job.

Max. working pressure 300 psi / 100ºC.

Below are the available models of slotted connections for sale:

    1. Rigid Coupling

    2. Flexible coupling

    3. Rigid Angular Coupling Coupling

    4. Reduction Coupling

    5. Slotted 90 ° Angular Elbow

    5. Slotted 45 ° Angular Elbow

    7. Grooved tee

    8. Slotted reduction tee with threaded center outlet

    9. Slotted Reduction Tee

    10. Grooved crosshead

    11. Splined Concentric Reduction

    12. Groove / Thread Reduction

    13. Grooved Eccentric Reduction

    14. Slotted CAP (cap)

    15. Mechanical slotted tee

    16. Mechanical tee with threaded outlet

    17. Sprinkler Output (U Bolt)

    18. Flange with ANSI 125/150 standard hole grooved adapter

    19. ANSI 125/150 Standard Hole Grooved Flange

    20. Slotted Mechanical Crosshead

    21. Threaded Mechanical Crosshead

See also about Grooved Pipes.

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