NBR 5590 tubes

ASTM A 53 Grade B Pipes are fluid-conducting steel tubes with quality requirements.

A 53 tubes have limits and tolerances of chemical composition and mechanical properties specified by the ASTM A-53 standard.

The Steel Pipes A53 / NBR 5590 or schedule tubes, are carbon steel tubes used in the conduction of fluids also under pressure and / or high temperatures in mechanical applications and machining in general.

Schedule tubes can be supplied with specific normative requirements, following the ASTM A 53 (NBR 5590), ASTM A 106 or API5L standards.

ASTM A 53 Grade B Pipes are mandatorily supplied with a quality certificate, characterizing the results of the mechanical tests and tests carried out in the act of manufacturing the steel tube, thus allowing total accuracy and safety in its installations.

Tubos ABC supplies these materials with or without black or galvanized, in bars or cut to the required lengths.

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