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Tubos ABC specializes in the distribution of various types of tubes, connections and valves. In fact, this is where you find the ASTM A334 Alloy Steel Tube

We work with carbon steel , stainless steel and galvanized tubes with and without seam, manufactured according to specifications of national and international technical standards.

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The Steel Tube Alloy ASTM A334 are used for services at low temperatures.

They have Grade Classes 1 and 6, and can be supplied laminated and drawn, with or without seamless. They receive standard heat treatment (when drawn or impact test requested).

You find this type of tube in various shapes and sizes, such as: round, square and rectangular.

Its surface can still be coated with galvanized steel to increase its resistance, especially to corrosion.

These ASTM A334 , in Grade 6, are excellent products, they offer energy efficiency, economy, effective performance, among others.

ASTM A334 Alloy Steel Pipe Applications

As mentioned, ASTM A334 Alloy Steel Tubes are ideal for low temperature work. They are present in several sectors, such as:

  • Eletric central;
  • Ship Building;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Food industry;
  • Pharmaceutical industry;
  • Oil industry;
  • Domestic Industries;
  • Aviation Sector;
  • Engineering sector.

They have several benefits, including their high resistance to corrosion, safety and durability. They can be found in the most varied specifications, dimensions and diameters.

Alloy steel tubes are used to conduct various types of fluids, such as water, compressed air, gas, oil and steam.

They meet the most discerning requirements in relation to their mechanical properties and other factors, such as structural homogeneity and dimensional accuracy.

In order for these factors to be met, manufacturers submit their products to tests that rely on the help of advanced systems such as ultrasound techniques, magnetic particles, gamma rays, laser and electromagnetic measurements.

A334 material is an ASTM material classification specific to alloy steel or carbon steel tubes, for low temperature services.

A334 Conduction Alloy Steel Tube Manufacturing Process

Generally A334 Alloy Steel Tubes are manufactured in a round shape. Its thickness varies from 2 to 70mm, length generally from 5 to 12m, with outside diameter ranging from 6 to 2500mm.

The group in its category is the A53-A369, non-secondary, in compliance with the American Society for Testing and Materials, commonly known by its acronym "ASTM".

The size of the tube varies according to the customer's needs and can be manufactured on demand.

Alloy Steel Tubes A334 have a smooth surface and can still be hot dip galvanized, painted black, varnished, anti rust oil paints, 3PE, or according to the buyer's requirements.

Typically the technique used in the manufacturing process is hot or cold rolling. And they can be manufactured with or without seamless.

The seamed steel tube is made by a tool that bends the steel sheet around itself. This tool is called a calender.

After this step, mentioned above, the formed tube will go through a welding process, to join its two ends. The manufacture of steel tubes of this type are used as transmission components, ideal for drilling tools.

The seamless tube, on the other hand, consists of a process in which the billet, a highly massive piece of cylinder undergoes heating. After this stage, the core of the material undergoes a cooling and then is detached, creating a shell.

The seamless steel tube is non-welded, making it ideal for channeling materials that cause pressure. It is widely used in projects and parts that require maximum reliability when it comes to applying pressure from oils and vapors, as in hydraulic pistons and also boilers.

The difference between these two types of steel is due to the ease of cleaning. While the seamed tube is easier to clean and cost effective, the seamless tube has more resistance under steam and oil pressure.

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As you saw, ASTM A334 Alloy Steel Tubes are used in several applications, especially in places that work with lower temperatures.

When manufactured according to the specified standards, they perform their role efficiently and fulfill their main characteristics of resistance, durability and safety.

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