Industrial Check Valves

The line of Valves Pipe Retention System is used to prevent flow reversal. It allows one-way flow using the pressure difference to prevent the fluid from returning in the opposite direction. That is, the force that is used for its opening is caused by the pressure of the fluid itself, thus dispensing with human interference in this process.

Generally, the check valve is installed at the beginning of the pipe lines between the pump outlet and the registers so that the pumps can be protected due to possible sudden cessation of flow. This position of the check valve is best suited for easier inspections and possible maintenance.

The double flap check valve is intended for operation with liquids, gases and saturated steam as they have reverse flow trends.

Easy to handle, it can be installed both horizontally and vertically. The double port check valve design of the Tubos ABC, conforms to international standard API 594, and final tightness test meets API 598 standard.

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